About Us
SingGo Tech
Where award-winning design meets fresh air and innovative communication!

SingGo Tech has been active in the Indoor Air Quality space for more than six years primarily with wireless devices and solutions for commercial and industrial applications. www.singgotech.com

When we were introduced to Birdie it was love at first flight and we decided to introduce the little fellow to Asia Pacific.

Birdie is a design-awarded marvel inspired by the resilience of canaries. It’s your vigilant companion, ensuring optimal indoor air quality by detecting rising COlevels and prompting ventilation.

In line with our values, Birdie is a sustainable solution, featuring a rechargeable battery, crafted from recycled plastic and delivered in an up-cycled cardboard box.

However, SingGo Tech goes beyond Birdie; what sets us apart is our fresh approach to communication. Through engaging Manga illustrations, we convey the importance of Indoor Air Quality to children, parents, caretakers, and beyond – A new take on communicating science and technology.

Excitingly, SingGo Tech holds the sole distribution rights of Birdie for Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Join us on this thrilling journey as we redefine the way we breathe indoor, breaking new ground in communication, and sustainability, setting Birdies free across Asia Pacific.

Welcome to SingGo Tech where every breath counts!